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Dr. Daniel Andreae, Associate Adjunct Professor at Renison University College, University of Waterloo and Professor at the University of Guelph Humber was recently announced as the recipient of the International Hero Award for Higher Education given by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for his selflessness, integrity, determination and virtuosity.

Choosing Dr. Andreae for this award was an easy decision for our panel to make. Dr. Andreae is a heroic figure to both his students and amongst his colleagues. His achievements prove his bravery, humility and perseverance. IAOTP will continue to award Dr. Andreae for his heroic nature and as a thriving educator and researcher.

Stephanie Cirami, the President of IAOTP

Being selected for this distinction by the International Association of Top Professionals is a renowned honor, only 1 member is chosen from the Education Industry. These special honorees are distinguished based on their longevity in their fields, the contributions they have made to society, the impact they have had on their industries and the admirable qualities that make Dr. Daniel Andreae deserving of this title.  This year Dr. Andreae will be accepting his award on stage at the Plaza Hotel in New York City while in attendance of IAOTP’s 2020 Annual Awards Gala.

Born in Canada, Dr. Andreae holds a Doctorate of Education from the University of Toronto. His Masters in Clinical Social Work was earned at Wilfrid Laurier University.  Prior to attending Wilfrid Laurier University, Dr. Andreae earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from York University in Toronto. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Assumption University in Windsor, Ontario and in 2020 will receive one from Laurentian University in Sudbury. As a result of studying with the Benson Henry Mind Body Institute in Boston, affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Andreae was granted membership in the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association and is a certified Health Coach and a Founding Member of the Institute of Coaching affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University.

Dr. Andreae has devoted a significant part of his life and career to researching and educating those affected by Neurodegenerative Diseases.  As a dynamic, results-driven leader, Dr. Andreae has demonstrated success not only in academia but has also been an outstanding community advocate and true visionary of his time.  He believes that “Education is not just an intellectual exercise; it is most effective when the head meets the heart and knowledge can be applied to enhance the quality of one’s life on all levels; educational, physical, spiritual and social.”  

His outstanding leadership and commitment to his research has led him to teach over forty-five different subject courses at the college and university level.  His focus has been related to psychology but Dr. Andreae’s approach has been to heal a person as a whole.  Dr. Andreae’s involvement in neurodegenerative causes has made him also realize that education and research around the brain is crucial, and has led to the management of conditions and enhanced quality of life. This applies to a wide range of issues from Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, autism, and other traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Andreae is currently interested in the relationship between stress, brain health and resiliency. Dan’s passion for the brain has included serving as the first Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and later Chair of its Patron’s Council, Patron of Brain Injury Canada and has a neuroscience laboratory named in his honour at the Weizmann Institute of Science one of the world’s leading research and educational institutions. Dr. Andreae serves on their International Board of Directors.

Dr. Andreae is dedicated to serving others and has over 2 decades of professional experience in higher education. IAOTP holds a high regard for Dr. Daniel Andreae’s philanthropic efforts, his dedication to the profession, his originality of thought and his passion for educating himself and those around him.

Dr. Daniel Andraea